Tuesday, March 31

Future career: beautician?

So today Alice and I have been hanging out indoors. After last night's thunderstorms it was a balmy 35 and windy this morning.

Alice decided to do my hair. I consider wearing a brightly colored (and marketed to the tween crowd) headband doing my hair most of the time. Alice, had to help me out though.

I believe the method behind her madness is: you should have bangs sticking out, hair that covers your face is bad, and eyebrows need combed too. Oh, and everytime she smacked me in the face with the back of the comb she would kiss me.

I suppose the physical abuse is forgivable this time.

Last night I dug up approximately 4 square feet of flower bed. In in I got too many dandelions to keep track. I literally stopped counting once I hit 20, they all went into the compost bin. Then I planted a (slightly invasive) Purple Heart plant. Its also called a purple Wandering Jew. I don't care that it wanders because right now the only thing growing in that area is tulips and come May they will be dead-ish, meaning the dandelions have gone nuts. Its a pretty plant that turns even more purple in sunlight (its more green in the shade). Plus, Alice yanked off yet another piece of it, so I decided it was time to make its outdoor debut. I bought it last fall at a yard sale as an unnamed plant that with more research turned out to be quite invasive in more southern climates.

I also planted the seeds I harvested last fall, with hopes that I can spread some of those perennials around more. I planted some Blackberry Lily which looks like this when it goes to seed in the fall (hence the 'blackberry' name). I also planted some Purple Cone Flower because I want the little patch of coneflowers to be a whole mountain of coneflowers. And then I dumped in a pack of Snapdragon seeds and some zinnias just because. Then hello compost/manure! I can't wait until we have lots of pretty plants and a warm day to enjoy them. In an ideal world, I will have enough flowers to always have fresh flowers inside and out.

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