Tuesday, March 24

Who will be my Neighbor?

So the house (half the duplex technically) across the street is for sale. Its the same as ours, only no fireplace, and I am sure its in better condition than ours is, let alone how it was when we bought it in 07. I looked at the pictures online and they have nice kitchen. Its green.

I hope someone cool moves in there.

From my experience over the last year+ houses in this neighborhood are up for sale all the time. And most of them sell very quickly. There is a reason why ours was on the market forever, but thats not important for this post.

Anyway, so I saw 2 cars pull up over there that aren't the neighbors today. I figure, ah someone is looking at the house. That's cool. I immediately peeked from behind the curtains (well technically I just stared out the window the curtains were open). Then about 7 or so giant SUVs pull up park and more business dress people go in. I am not familiar with the real estate business, but I think they just had a bunch of realtors look at the place.

Anyway, info on the listing is here. Its listed for just over the county tax value, but unlike most of the block their property didn't decrease in value. Go them. And they don't have a fireplace (lucky, we find ours to be a heat and cool trap, and we have used it once with poor success, it probably needs some repairs *sigh*).

Have I sold this to anyone yet? Its on a bit of a loop thing, so most of the traffic is local, meaning if your child is like mine and thinks its way more fun to walk in the street than the driveway, she probably won't get hit by a car. At least you will notice the car before they get close.

Ha, the neighbor just got back home and took 2 dogs inside. I knew they had one, but 2? I wonder if they are inside dogs. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to sell the property across the street. I just hope its not make into a rental and gets filled with people that have lots of drunken parties. Drunk people are more destructive than kids skateboarding in the flowerbeds.

So yeah, come by my neighbor for less than $110K before negotiations! (And we don't even have an HOA, trust me thats a good thing.)

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