Monday, March 23

Long Time, No Blog...Garden, garden, dargen

Ok, its been almost a week, and I am not feeling it. Maybe its because it was supposed to rain Saturday and didn't. Maybe its because it was supposed to rain last night, and it didn't. Maybe its because its cloudy and WINDY today. Who knows.

Saturday we went to yard sales. Yes, its that time of year again. We managed to pick up a cute croquet set for $15. I decided I wanted it, and after getting home I found out similar sets run about $60. Of course our yard isn't really big enough for an actual game of croquet, unless we play through the gate and into the front yard too.

We also got a tool that you can trim tree branches with. Daniel cut some of the low hanging branches by our house. He got to sit on top of a little peak above our front window, and on top of the chimney. I had the ladder fall on me and still have a goose egg from that. Needless to say, it was a long day.

Sunday we got home and the neighbor and some guy that used to live in the other half of our duplex back before we were around were digging up our shared flower beds. I hope they don't get too enthusiastic. Some of the stuff I wanted to stay. Like if they touch the flower bed thats not shared and full of sedum, I will be pretty pissed. I mean, I was planning on dividing the sedum, but I don't want it to go to some guy that will sell it as part of his landscaping company. I want to give it away, or spread it around in my own backyard. The stuff is easy enough to care for that I would be glad to just fill most of the flower beds with it. Green all spring and summer, fall flowers. Its great. And it grows in crappy soil.

Speaking of crappy soil, our back yard is literally as hard as a rock. I tried breaking up a dirt clod with a shovel and I thought it was a rock. No, it was just really bad dirt, I even got a chunk of dried red clay from the middle of a chunk.

We have 240 lbs lf compost to add to the garden/wherever else I want it to help with that. It was only like $20 too. Gardening has become an expensive hobby because of the start up costs. but next year I plant on having my own compost. Plus we won't have to build a garden box, unless we want to do more.

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disillusioned said...

Hey--I'll take some sedum starts! I need some ground cover like stuff!

Mary P.