Wednesday, March 11

The Joy of Facebook

Jessica is having a baby tommorow.

I wonder what Jaylyn's counting down to?
I don't know maybe she is having a baby.
I thought she already had a baby, maybe she is pregnant again.
What really? No way, she was just pregnant.
Do they induce people at 1am?
Yes, if they are just breaking the water and trying to induce labor without pitocin. {And I pronounced that correctly.}

{Good thing someone who has only been related to that string of Smith's for a couple of years could help him out with that.}
How crazy is it that Jaylyn and Jessica are both having babies tomorrow? Ok, its not that strange since Jessica now lives in Ohio and has never met or heard of Jaylyn who lives in Utah. But lets fake random coincidences!

Daniel is currently adding about 50 people as friends because he knows them.

La, la, la, la, la. Lets be friends.
I don't know who this is, but I'll add her because I think I should know her.
Who's that? Oh she can't be my friend she reads your blog.
Oh yeah, totally. Oh there is ______.
______ oh yeah totally. We aren't friends at all but maybe we can become friends through facebook.
_______ you like _____ I'll add her as my friend.
_______, I find her annoying, but I'll add her.
________, is that the wife of ______? Oh, ok I will add her.
_______? Who is that? She looks weird {he added her, and its probably not you.}
Jane? For sure! Jane is like a Primary song incarnated into a human body. You look at Jane and you just think of primary songs. {He has even told her something similar in person so I think its ok to post on the internet.}

Gotta get more friends on Facebook. So I can get hooked on Facebook. So I can be a Facebook junkie.

Aren't our conversations great? Or at least really random? Yeah, I literally just started typing Daniel's conversation with the facebook suggested friends. I figured we wouldn't give out too many names as it might not be too appreciated, but if you get a friend request put your name in a blank!


TPlayer said...

Ok the funniest thing about this post is that Daniel requested to add me as a friend today on facebook. How am I supposed to respond?

Becca said...

Yeah, I think yours was in the category of "Hey I know her." or something similar.