Tuesday, March 17

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man

Alice has learned that mirroring people is fun. Last night we were sitting on the couch and she kept throwin her arms straight up in the air after playing a song on her little Winnie the Pooh book (You know the ones that have like 4 pages and 4 songs.

Well Idecided to copy her and she enjoyed it so much that she was placing her hands over her eyes (while peeking) over her mouth, on her head. Whenever the music stopped she would press the button again and continue with the poses.

I, obediently, copied her.

After about 40 minutes, I was pretty sick of it. Partly because there are only so many times I can sing "Sleep Eyore Sleep, you might try counting sheep..." partly because dang FOURTY minutes of this.

So I tried sticking my hands out for hi 5s. She has sort of done them before and thinks they are hilarious. Then I played patty cake with her.

I call this a milestone.

{Oh, and her fever has broke. I slept more than 6 hours last night! She now has 2 more teeth on the bottom and she will bite with them. Well, she hasn't yet, but she will according to typical baby behavior. Though most of the time her attacking other babies includes trying to hug and kiss them, and them pushing her down. Except the smaller babies that don't stand up. She has tackled one trying to hug her. It made everyone on gospel doctrine go "Awwww" except the other baby's dad. He was a bit concerned.}

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