Thursday, March 26

Oooo a Cookie!

I seem to be in a blogging mood this week. Of course its all 'Mormon mommy blog' stuff, so I won't get any comments {that is how I validate myself you know}. Anyway, I was in the kitchen mixing up some dough to make some rolls for the Relief Society Birthday dinner tonight. Alice was puttering around in the living room blowing raspberries and reading books to herself.

I was glad she wasn't in the kitchen since she has taken to trying to eat the dirt I have all over the place: cub scout mother's day flower's, tomato plants, attempts at starting some flowers from seed, etc. I may be rather laid back, but I don't take well to my child eating dirt.

We had a lightbulb go out over the sink, so that means i get to replace it with a efficiency bulb. :-) Of course, I somehow moved them from the pantry to somewhere that made more sense at the time...somewhere...not the computer room, not with the cleaning chemicals, not under the bathroom sink or above the waster and dryer... After I searched EVERYWHERE for the lightbulbs {in the garage go figure} and finished the dough I come to see what she is doing.

I saw this:

Yeah, she got the contained of Oreo's off of the dining room table (I still don't know how as I thought they weren't close to the edge) then opened them and was chowing down.

Miss Independant. Getting her cookie on.

Makes me glad I got the slipcover that has a separate cover for the cushions. My one claim to fame, I can strategize. I even used to play and {sometimes} win at chess against my more conniving siblings. I was the angel you know. I you are a sibling and didn't know I was an angel, now you do.

So peace out, and enjoy your cookie.


Melinda Beth said...

I'll comment. I love Mormon Mommy Blog stuff! Isn't that what life is all about? I totally remember that video clip from when I was little. Nowadays that would be considered promoting childhood obesity and they would have to replace it with kids chowing on carrots and celery. Good for Alice! I'm glad she's learned how to get her own cookies! She must be a smart kid.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh that is too funny!! Ag irl after my own heart - I LOVE cookies. :)