Sunday, March 8

The Day of Rest

So the credit card loves us, or something. As of the next statement the interest rate will be reversed, and the fee they charged us is being dropped as a 'show of goodwill.' {As I wrote that I immediately wanted to laugh and say 'haha suckers' a la Nelson from the Simpsons.} I couldn't help myself. It ran through my head. I think its because the Simpsons is on.

Anyways. Yesterday we cleaned out the garage. Ok, it was only half cleaned, but its so much more organized its insane. We still have some random boards and stuff to leave on the curb, and to sweep the other half of the garage, but we moved a couple of boxes of old textbooks into the garage attic/loft thingy as well as the old Home Reserve couch and some cushions. We also piled up a bunch of empty boxes to go to the curb Wednesday. We are considering getting a peg board for hanging things like hammers, shovels, and the like on the walls, but thats for another time.

We fed the sister missionaries dinner tonight. That means we cleaned, and even mopped the kitchen. Daniel said it sparkled. Alice only slipped a few times (I lost count) but she only hit her head once when she went kersplat on her back.

Anyway, today was good. Church was good, dinner was good, and the email back from the credit card was good too. :-) Bring it on Monday!


The Happy Housewife said...

I grew up with a peg board in our garage and it was awesome. It was always full of hanging tools, but it was easy to find stuff when you needed it.

Anonymous said...

Credit card companies have a way of back tracking. LIke if you threaten to cancel your card they will go to almost any length to prevent it. If it wouldn't be so much of a hassle for me I would do it just to get out of paying a fee, but since that means I would have to get a new one this one is like 15 years old now. Which reminds me wouldn't you think that would count as a long time credit history. But no, because I pay it off ever month it dosen't count go figure.