Wednesday, March 4

Non-topic Post!

I should probably explain something from my last post. Its not that I got a lot of mean looks from people in the university ward. Its more that fact that if someone screamed, it was usually mine, and everyone would look. I apologize if anyone thought I hated the non-mom group or anything. Maybe I just assume they are looks of disgust because that's how I used to be.

Yesterday was a long long day. I called a million people about this Thursday, and a few people I called more than once. I have to admit, its surprising to me when people don't have someone home or an answering machine. This is just proof that I am of a younger generation than some people I guess. I mean if I think about it, my parents might have an answering machine now, but 5 years ago I don't think they did.

Daniel got up half an hour early to cook himself hamburger noodle stuff for lunch. He left it on the arm ofthe chair by the door. My guess: he set it down, put on a coat, went upstairs and said bye to me, and then left. Poor forgotten noodle food.

Our power was out when I woke up this morning. I looked at the clock and it was off. I didn't know why Daniel had unplugged it, but I guess whatever. After nursing Alice I heard a strange beep as some of the appliances downstairs told me they were plugged in. The clock was flashing 12:00.

And my tomato seeds sprouted. I now have a million lettuce sprouts as part of my lettuce in the flower garden initiative and a few tomato plants. Lets hope I get more than 5 green tomatoes this year. One can hope.

I am all out of things to say. Next post will be more topical, but this is my brain spewing forth.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Rebecca has a green thumb if she can sprout tomato seeds. Maybe I gave upon them too soon. Wonder how long it took Daniel to realize he left his lunch at home.
People without small children tend to forget how hard it is to control babies and toddlers, while parents tend to forget how distracting it is for someone who is not used to screaming kids, so both sides need to comprise some and give each other a little slack.