Monday, March 30

Alice become an Ice Giant

Today we had the loverly 15 month appointment. Thanks to a shortage of vaccine for Hepatitis B, she only needed one shot. I don't really know what shot that was though. In fact, Alice didn't even cry, she looked alarmed that I was laying her down, then she looked at the nurse like she was mean. The nurse couldnt' remember where she put in the needle either, so she just guess where the bandaid went.

She also has gotten above the alarming 5th percentile. Yeah thats right, my baby is at the 12th percentile for weight and over 20lbs! That means we can officially face her forward (though according to her carseat she needs to be 22lbs, plus she hasn't been as whiney now that she reads books in the car, so it won't happen for a while).

Alice has also continuted in her journey to become America's Next Top Model...i mean her journey to be taller. She is at the 66th percentile, and barely fit the measuring table. So next time, she gets her height read while standing! Fancy, fancy.

Also, it didn't snow 12 inches. In fact, the only snow we got was enough to make it look white between the green patches of grass. Pretty much the sky made slushies on the yard, on the sidewalk, etc. We even had a power line go down up on the corner Saturday morning so we spent the morning at Target.

Don't worry we bought Alice some simple puzzles to make up for the use of heat and electricity. We were pretty dusruptive too. I mean, no one was there because it was raining slushies, but Alice was grabbing things off shelves and throwing a 'playground ball' around and following any kid she spotted under the age of 5 as well as screaming if we tried to make her move on to another area.

We also went to the University ward and saw a friend's baby blessing. We let Alice run amok in the hallway during Sacrament Meeting and the 3rd block. I figure, there are no stairs, she can't open doors yet, and well, its a whole lot easier to not chase her down every 5 minutes. It also seems like in the 2 months since we left about a million people got pregnant...or really they were already pregnant, but they are to the point of wearing maternity clothes now.

Oh and the title? Well, when we were driving to church yesterday morning the sun was out and the pretty ice was power lines, stop lights, trees, etc were dropping sheets of ice. It made for an amusing 60 seconds of red light. In fact, it was 50 degrees when we drove Daniel to work before the sun was up. Good old Kansas weather.

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Michelle said...

Oooooo... who all is pregnant??? I need the scoop. And who's baby got blessed?? I've been gone for way too long. :(