Monday, November 10

Crazy good Dillons deals

So we went grocery shopping today. Dillons is having their mega plus sale (or whatever its called) and if you buy 10 items you get $5 off your purchase. So we were shopping and buying things, then see see that Kroger muffin mix is 50 cents and there is things next to it saying if you buy 10 you save $5. Well hello, free muffin mix.

So we got 14. (We already had 6 items that would save us $ and we decided food storage muffins? Sure!) Anyway, we go to check out and they didn't give us the $10 off so we were like...what the heck. And asked and the cashier said that we only bought 6 items and we had to buy 10. So we said, but the muffin mix had a sign saying it was part of the mega save $5 deal. (I should look up the name, but I don't feel like it.) So the bagger goes and looks, and sure enough they had the signs on the wrong things. So we got our $10 off.

Ironically, instead of her changing the signs, she left a memo. But whatever. We also got 5 containers of Eggnog on manager's discount for 5 cents. Yeah, I had to look twice. Actually 3 times. Then I decided, I think you can freeze eggnog. And Daniel said he likes eggnog, so we got way way too much egg nog. But we only spent a quarter on eggnog. And 4 of the bottles are in the freezer. Oh yeah, I was supposed to say we saved 52% on our grocery thingy (and that doesn't count the manager's discount for eggnog). Plus we got TP for a great price, i.e. some coupons and Dillons had it on sale, so boo ya 24 'double' rolls for $9. Thats a better price than crappy cheap brand TP.

I also made a curtain for our bedroom today. Too bad Dillons doesn't sell curtain rods, and we weren't gonna go to Walmart, because we never go there, and its all the way across town, and I sort of hate going there cause its so huge. Plus it was 9pm when we got out of Dillons, so the baby needs sleep.

I also dug up our iris patch and spread the roots (rhizomes? I don't feel like google-ing to find out for sure). I not have irises planted all along the south side of the house between us and the neighbors, and I put a couple out in the front flower bed, just cause. I am also feeling like doing garden prep work so I will be collecting newspapers to put down no weed barriers. Maybe I will just go get a pile of Kansans from Campus some evening, that way they will at least go to some use.

So yeah, we have more than a year's worth of Muffin Mix (cause we never usually have it) plus some other items that we wouldn't usually get, but were very inexpensive and are shelf stable, and sometimes you just don't want to think about what to make, you want to add milk, and butter, and an egg...or whatever and tada side dish, or breakfast, or things.

I am in a wierd mood. I think its the weather. Oh well, I guess off to bed even though I am not tired...cause the baby should have been in bed earlier. Technically. Meh, whatever. I don't really care, I like her sleeping in. PLus I get adult interaction in the evening...even if she is awake. Better than nothing.

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disillusioned said...

I'm impressed with your handi-work and Dillons deals! I went to Dillons tonight and spent a whole slew of $$$ (haven't been to the grocery store for weeks really--and Thanksgiving prep)...wish I'd known more about their deals (although I'm not really good at much more than coupons...when I actually remember them!)

Mary P.