Wednesday, November 12

Oh my Freaking Gosh

Yeah. Its that bad.

I will give background of why I am swearing up a storm.

So I decided I would fix the bifold door in our kitchen (the one covering the utility closet) today. Daniel and I bought a repair kit Friday on date night. Yeah, we spend date night at home depot, what of it?

Anyway, I go to fix it and I realize I will have to repair the broken wood at the bottom so I can put in a new peg thingy. I am sure there are technical names, but whatever. So I find a shim, wood filler, and glue. No wait. Where is the glue?

I looked in the bin of household repair things. No Gorilla Glue. No wood glue. Where did I see that stuff? I know I saw them together. I thought it was on a shelf. I know at one point it was under the sink.

So I go check. Assuming its not under there. I was right, no glue. But! Moment of amazing epinephrine rush! I see the horrible unwanted, evil mouse poo. Yeah. In case you haven't noticed my feelings on these creatures, let me explain. *&!@$#%*!@$)*$%

That was the edited version.

Mice are fine outside. They are acceptable in pet shops. They are forbidden from my home. Forbidden. I don't care if the came with the place, they need to be gone.

So I don't know where they are living, but they are getting in.

I looked harder in the pantry (where we keep all random tools, etc.) And then I see more evil mouse poo. Now this stuff was way back in the back amongst our water storage, and it looked old. Like some ot it was whitish, and it was like pebbles. No matter, operation freak out was instated.

I pulled out everything from the pantry floor. I made a 3 row barrier of water bottles and canned juice to keep the baby out and mixed up some bleach solution. I hosed the place down.

I also started looking through the computer room closet where I admit we have some boxes that have never been unpacked. You know, wedding reception decorations, empty baby junk boxes, etc. Then I notice a water line on the cardboard of the bottom box in there.

For real now! Why.

I pulled it out and pulled up the carpet. Yeah. Mold.

Still no gorilla glue though.

So I find the spray disinfectant stuff that has been sitting on a shelf forever and not used. I smothered that place in it. The baby was of couse fasto n my tail and mad that she couldn't get int. When she got close she started coughing.


Meanwhile I have the bleach solution sitting on the pantry floor, I barricade tha baby in the living room (all 3 exits are baby gated) and cut up an old Tshirt I was planning on turning into a grocery bag anyway.

I sprayed even more bleach solution and started slowly hand mopping up the floor. And tossing the rags into a grocery sack to go into the trash bin.

I also shoved a steel woll cleaning pad into the hole. I think I will need to add about 4 more to fill it.

And find Gorilal Glue.


*Note* While writing this, Daniel called back and he is coming home and picking up Gorilla Glue on the way. And the baby is wailing in the living room because she finished off her bribe (bread) and wants to be in the same room as me. Sorry kid. I will join you, but once we get a 2nd adult, we will have to work on hole sealing and home sterilization. And all this after we get a postcard in the mail sent to my Middle and last name (odd) saying Got Mouse problems? Call us. Daniel says it was sent by readers of my blog.

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disillusioned said...


I'm sorry you've had to deal with yucky mice!!! I worked at an adapted day camp for 2 summers. The second summer we had Hanta virus outbreaks throughout UT and other desert states. And...we got a yucky mouse. Poop everywhere. So, like you--I had to deck myself out in gloves, mask, and bleach solution...and scrub and clean. I think they finally caught the yucky thing---dead. It had come from the fields near the community center. But seriously, I was so sick of bleach and mice poop and mess...ugh! So, I totally understand, and am totally sorry you've had to deal with this!

Mary P.

P.S. I am a firm believer in those decon traps where you can't see the dead mouse. I mean--ugh! We had one once in our house (my parent's) probably came in the door. And was sick, cause it literally starved to death...and my younger sister and I found it dead on the basement floor. I was just shaking yuck!!! We screamed for my dad. He was like...get rid of it. We were like "Ain't touching it if you paid me a million dollars. Yea...he lost that one. He had to get ride of the dead thing! Just thinking about it gives me the shivers!