Friday, November 28

Unconfirmed Invaders

It's official. There are unofficial unconfirmed announcements of new teeth. It's about time Alice. Alice is playing with her drug bottle and looking at me like she wishes she were dead. And it's all because of her invaders.

I have to go to the theatre. It kind of sucks. Because I have a need to go soon rather than later, actually, I should go today. I am going to go see "A Christmas Story". That's right, that movie but performed by some sort of new interpretation that will probably suck. I guess I'm going to have to take a notebook and take notes so that I can write about it, which is exactly why I have to go.

I really don't understand why my class thinks that I need to go to a play, because the class is called "Drama as Literature". In what way is literature the same as theater? Anyway, I'm gonna go. Rebecca might correct this for grammar later.

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