Thursday, November 6

Evil Heathen in my Home!

Thats right, we have a mouse. I haven't seen it, but I found droppings under the sink. The sink I moved all the cleaning chemicals from under and it was storing toaster, crockpot, and MOUSE POOP! I feel nauseus knowing he was down there. Luckily the crockpot crock has been in the sink for a while (it was clean mostly except the evil mineral deposits). Still, I pulled everything out and cleaned it with borax. We NEED bleach now. I didn't want it in my home, but its much better than a mouse.

And to think this happened after I caught Alice chasing a spider across the kitchen floor. Yeah, she was spider hunting. I went in for the kill and removed her from the room. I wonder if I can just stuff the holes by the sink pipes with SOS pads. They are steel wool...sort of. And I have some that the previous owners left. And it will make me feel better. Right now I am considering cuttign holes in the bottom of the cabinets to make sure there isn't any under them. I am also considering throwing up.

Our apartment we lived in when I was pregnant with Alice had mice. Every time we turned on the oven it smelled of pee. It was so so nasty. We ate lots of microwave food. I feel sick just thinking of it. Gross.

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TPlayer said...

Did you read my blog? I had mentioned how kevin taught me how to catch mice. It's kinda mean, but it works. Just depends on wether or not you have a soul. Get those sticky spider traps and put a glob of peanut butter on it. The mice come running, and once their stuck they just squeal like crazy, so you know you got 'em! (I'd always make Kevin take the traps out and be the one to kill the mouse though)...apaprently, I'm the one with the soul