Monday, November 24

Don't inhale

I found out that this caulk type stuff that you put on windows to seal them for the winter is really noxious. I.E. if you inhale the fumes it will affect you neurologically...and make you go nutso or at least feel sick and screw with your nervous system.

Luckily I think all the yucky stuff has pretty much dissapated. (I learned that if you can smell the fumes, its not ventilated enough oops) and that would explain why the baby was so 'cry, cry, cry.' So yeah. Tada. All is well, not just cause I had come to terms with feeling not as amazing as all these other people that in my view are freaking awesome (don't ask guys, everyone has one of those days I am sure)

Daniel took some time off work to get caught up on end of the semester projects...and he also came down sick yesterday. So his nose is drip, drip, drip. And I have some very stuffed sinuses, so I am sure I will be the next to drip. Oh well.

I glued the broom head onto the handle last night. And then duct taped it. Yeah its stylish. Then while I was holding a piece of trim for daniel to nail into the wall, I look at Alice. Yeah, she had taken the lid off the wood glue and had it all over her, and the floor. Daniel transported her to the tub, and I came up and bathed her. It was everywhere. In her hair, covering her clothes, sticking her fingers and toes together. Yes. Glue.

So I got to take a shower after I bathed her cause she still hates baths and was trying to crawl her way out of teh tub via my body.

Now, if only she didn't want to be awake at 6am.

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Danno said...

You forgot to mention that she peed on you as soon as she finished, while you were still in the tub and that you cleaned the carpets.. Go you.