Tuesday, November 4

We voted!

So we went to the polls (which according to sources was supposed to be open until 8pm, according to the county 7pm). SO yeah, we got in there right at cut off time. Alice hung out on the floor, then she got my sticker. She proceeded to eat it until it was a blob of sticky gluey paper. Now she is hollering about it sticking to her. Its sort of funny.

We had about 8 people that we had to support or not support to stay as judges. Daniel sent them all packing. I kept a few, though I don't know who any of them are. Stay or go, whatever.

Whomever wins, wins. I will support them. I may not agree to everything they do, but sometimes you have to make decisions you think are for the greater good.

We are watching "Vantage Point" right now. Seriously, its like the movie groundhog's day, only its for the day the president was shot. 30 minutes in and we have seen the same 5 minutes worth of stuff 3 times...from 3 different people's view. Yeah, I am getting bored. I do wonder if we will ever have a bald president. Wait, is McCain bald? We shall say he is, just cause. Then, theoretically, the bald president will make some huge peace treaty with Spain (cause you all KNOW we be fighting them Spaniard, ALL the time) and at the big press conference thingy he will get shot...by Moroccan terrorists. Yeah cause that makes sense.

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