Sunday, November 23

Today has been a day from hell. Not heck, not any other mild form of the word. Hell.

Let me explain.

I hate Sundays. It used to be the best day of the week. Until I had a child. Then meeting from 11am-2pm became torture. It helped that Daniel gets weekends off.

Then he started school.

Things went downhill even more. I have dealt with more mind-losing screaming today than for a while.

I hate many things today. One of them is the parasite attached to my boob. Another is the fact that we have our blog auto emailed to some of Daniel's family. I will be stopping that for this entry. I don't want their sympathy. Sympathy from 2000 miles away is wasted on me. In fact unless you can shut up the baby, get her away from my breast, and take away this headache that I have drank 3 glasses of water and taken 800mg ibuprofen for, I do not want to talk to any of you.

Daniel is home teaching. He still has tons of homework to do. This job I got is turning into a nightmare. My home has been bombarded by chemicals of all kinds to plug up weather holes, and mouse trails and every smell is making my head hurt worse. And its a freaking mess and I can't even do anything because I have a freaking parasite attached to me.


Julie P said...

I will come up on a friday soon and I will take the parasite away from you boob and play with her :)

What is going on two weeks from this upcoming friday??

disillusioned said...

I'm sorry she's driving you nuts! I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so I could drop by and help you clean or something! Know that I want to---even though I have to work :(

Mary P.

TPlayer said...

Just ask for help. We both know the people in that ward will help you, but they aren't mind readers. I say call the VTs!!! PS...yes, i still miss being your companion