Friday, November 28

How to be Cheap!

So today was the morning of 'amazing' deals and lots pf people shopping. My observation of the day was: people WILL spend money, even if they have none.

We got back from Thanksgiving with the family last night with a feverish and cranky baby. After finally locating the thermometer, we found out, yes 103.2 is bad and drugged her quite well with infant ibuprofen. The nice part about it, she actaully can stand the taste of it, unlike evil infant tylenol. Cherry flavor = death; berry flavor = i guess I can take this. 7 hours later she woke up and felt warm, and was wet, and Daniel was not in bed. Of course I didn't know what time it was, I just knew it was late(ish) and he wasn't there. I called him and he admited he was watching season 2 of heroes. So check temp again, 102.1. Thats better than 103, and it had been long enough, enter drugs.

Then Daniel was not fast enough putting her diaper back on, and alice peed on our bed. Um, yay. Look for another sheet. Then change the pillowcases, etc and force everyone to take showers. OK I was already in the shower when the pee-ing happened, but whatever. Then I realized it was 5:30am.

Now since we had discussed goign to black friday cause there were some things we wanted/needed that were great deals, and everyone was awake. We all got dressed and headed out into the sleet/rain.

1st stop, the dreaded Walmart stop. Yes it was packed. Yes there were deals, but I got so messed up trying to push a cart around and avoid people that after about 15 minutes, all we had was cough drops. (Yeah the pharmacy section was EMPTY). So we got close to the whole way round the store and decided, we are not going to be buying enough stuff to justify an hour or two in line. Literally lines were backed up down the main aisles almost the whole way to electronics (the hub of activity of course). So we abandoned the cart and the lone item in the midst of the clothing section (also deserted) and went outside to hike our way to our car.

Next stop Sears, cause I had seen online they they were going to have some pot and pan set, and I have been wanting sometihng along those lines for a couple years...and after finally finding the area, and the 'deal' we realized the pans weren't good enoghu quality for us to want them. And all the other things that were good deals, weren't needed or were just too expensive.

So we drove home. With nothing. Yeah. I know, we are cheap. OR maybe we are just poor. But the baby went back to bed and is still passed out, and so is Daniel. So that was my morning.

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