Saturday, November 15

Obama does weekly YouTube posts?

Think this is a joke? I did. But, it appears that the fake wood paneled background is, in fact legit.

I just watched the video, and I have to admit, this is a definite change for past president elects. I mean what past president's have gotten their own websites (

Ok, so the video is pretty good (if you scroll down, I embeded it), I just have a few criticisms. Why does he think socialized healthcare will help the economy? I don't get the correlation. I don't have a job, but I can get sick or whatever, no problem. Umm, jiggah what? He talks about a rescue plan to boost the economy, but he also says that wall street and 'main street' will rise and fall together. And starting all these new jobs repairing roads, etc. It reminds me of the 1930s (i think) when they had all sorts of government jobs building things for the betterment of the people. I know all of you remember the "New Deal" that FDR initiated after the great depression. If you don't remember, read your history book, or google it or something. I like that he wants us to make sure the government starts an even newer deal. I mean, Change.

I also like that if you go to his website, he has already announced many of the staffers for his administration. What happened to taking it easy, and announcing things after Thanksgiving? I thought that was reasonable. I mean, the guy has younger kids, and you can't make up for lost time with them. Pretty soon they will be tweenagers with braces boyfriends and bad attitudes. Maybe if they get the puppy it will all be good. (yes guys, some of these comments are sarcasm. its not president-elect hating, or title-ism. I just think its funny that I had to listen to the webcast 3-4 times to get everything. Its cause he switched topics A LOT. I mean, it was all the same topic, but it felt unorganized enough to me. Probably because I like my facts in bullets, grouped by similarity. He has too many fancy schmancy sounding scentences, they juts confused me. )

SO yeah. Change = a president that supports Google's takeover of the world. As do I. Note: this blog is through google's blogspot, and youtube is owned by google. Creepy how me and Obama are like the same person huh!

Anyway. You should check out the website. Its sort of interesting.

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disillusioned said...

Funny!!! Yea--I've been thinking the "electing" those who aren't really elected before the smoke is even off people's ballots is a little too far. I mean--usually Presidents in the past have visited the White House in December.

Hey--at least the first place he wanted to see was the rooms his daughters will live in for the next 4 years.

Oh..and I'm praying for New Mexico when it comes to Secretary of State....I mean...PLEASE!!!! SAVE US FROM A REINCARNATION OF THE 90'S!!!! YA--CHANGE....UM...THEN CHANGE DUH!!!

Oh--did you hear that some country offered the Obama's a hairless water dog? They're not taking it cause they want to adopt a pet from a shelter. BUT...those dogs are the UGLIEST dogs on the planet!!! Ugh!!!

Mary P.