Saturday, November 29


Alice has at least 2 teeth popping onto the scene. A canine (or maybe just one next to the middle two) has broken the surface, and I can see that the middle two are on thier way out as well.

This explains 104.9 last night. Followed by a tepid bath. Followed by ibuprofen. Followed by a trip to the store to buy more Tylenol.

Did you know that you can 'alternate' between ibuprofen and tylenol for infant long as you wait at least 4 hours between doses. The nurse thought it was probably because it had been 8 hours since her last dose of ibuprofen that the fever was so crazy.

Of course she was fine the rest of the night. At 5am this morning she had a 100.3 so we put off giving meds until 10 am when it was 102.something. She also acted interested in toys and food and even smiled today! Yay. Recovery is on its way! It only took about 2 days of sleeping, lots and lots of nursing and some drugs. Oh yeah, and a blessing (which she got before the fever got really bad, ironic huh?)

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