Monday, November 24

Not a thing to be stirring, not even a mouse

Well, the weekend was long and treacherous.

But, its over, so its time to move on. Daniel and I talked, and we are moving on.

No more feelings of being not wanted.

No more having to take extra steps because I don't fit in.

I'm moving on! (I don't know if I am exclaimation point excite,d but if I write it I might believe it)

Anyway. Enough with that.

We went to Target at the end of last week. I had a gift card we got from points back on our credit card, and I wanted to buy curtains. You know, make the home, more homey...oh yeah and stop the drafts.

So we go, and yeah there is one aisle of curtains there. I mean, its not the best selection, but I had a gift card, so we looked. After feelign the thickness of the different curtains, we got three panels for our one big window, and our strange skinny window in the living room. Each panel was $20, but it was like I was only paying $10 for them, so I figured, whatever. Then we were heading to the check out and i realize we need curtain rods. Now the curtain rods and blinds were on a second aisle, so I go look. I saw a cart sitting in the aisle, in the middle, but I scooted it over and went past it to look at the curtain rods. (I had seen a lady leave that aisle and go to the next, so I thought it was hers.)

After deciding to get tension rods I turn around and head to leave. Then I noticed that there were more curtains on this aisle. Only a few, and they were the thermal kind (i.e. plastic lined, but that doesn't sound eco friendly). Well, thermal is what I had actually wanted, so I was sort of happy. I looked and they were more (naturally) but I did see a couple of packs lying at the bottom with clearance stickers.

I can't help looking at clearance items. Its an addiction.

They said, originally 19.99 now 14.01. Cool, thats cheaper than what we got on the other aisle, and I can get these two panels and find a matching color instead of the blue gray we had. There were the exact same curtain panels for sale for $30, but its not my fault they were mismarked. I mean for real, the exact panel was on the wall. But I didn't want to get a third panel for $30 when there were $20 panels...of course they were sold out. I also noticed that the cart that was sitting in the aisle was still without that lady, and she was completely gone. Strange. Then I spotted in her cart one of those little scanner things. Anyone that has done a registry or works in retail stores knows what they looks like. And I realized that the entire cart was full of things that were returns and were getting marked clearnace.

The only other curtains I saw wouldn't work though (sad hideous color, at least when held up next to the ones in my hand) and they weren't any cheaper than the $20 ones I had already deecided on.

While I go back to try and decide tan or red daniel sees a package I missed in the cart. It was for a dark brown thermal panel. It wasn't as wide as the other ones, but it was makred down to $5. The color, i wouldn't have chosen myself if I had other options, but for that price, I can comprimise.

So we got all of our curtains for free. Sweet. And we spent way too long putting them up because the tension rod wasn't strong enough on the large window to hold up the heavy thermal curtains. That means we took down the nice curtain rod that was in the kitchen and put it up in the living room. The 'curtain' that was up in there was something I made from a sheet, and it wasn't even shortened properly.

We also took out the front set of French Doors Saturday and put them back in. It only took 4 hours, and we didn't get trim up, but it looks a whole lot better. Even though I have smal pieces of yellow Great Stuff foam all over my dining room. And I didn't sweep because my broom decided to break. Ghetto cheap walmart $15 broom. If i wanted a breaking broom I would have bought a $1 model from the Dollar shop. (Thats where we are buying a replacement btw. Probably 3 of them, cause I expect them to break.)

So yeah, I didn't see any signs (read mouse poo) indicating that they returned yet again last night, so my stacks and stacks of clean pots and pans bowls, etc can return to the lower cabinets. Thank goodness. I was getting so sick of stubbing my toe on a stack of baking dishes, and having my counters or table covered in skillets and bowls.

And its still a.m. that means I can clean. (I am really much more of a morning cleaner, you know before I get frustrated at the baby, while the sun is shining in the kitchen windows warming the tile, and after loading up on breakfast carbs.)

So long bipolar blog!

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