Wednesday, November 12

We got some of these:

And Daniel stuffed a bunch of SOS pads in all the cracks he found around the edges of the house.

And I found out the replacement part we got for the bifold door is too big to fit in the track that's already installed. SO hopefully Home Depot has more than one size of track runner thingies. Or Ace hardware. Or anyone.

We also haven't decided what we are going to do if we DO catch said mouse. Take him a mile away and let him go? Let him go in the yard?

FOr all we know, the neighbors are the ones originally letting them in...we just had a temporary second solution. But last night I heard a scurry sounding thing in one of the outside far from the kitchen as possible. Yeah, ok it might have just been leaves, but still.

Alice is sleeping and I am attempting to put some order back into our home. I can't get myself to dive into under the sink yet.

I guess I will start loading all of the pots and pans into the dishwasher. (We are in all items in lower cabinets get washed phase) and vacuum the living room. FYI. The pantry is so clean, orderly and tidy, I sort of want to stare at it. Its pretty.


Danno said...

Isn't it wonderful how once you notice something with mice, everything seems to point towards mice? Stupid wind... Stupid mice. Stupid leaves that scurry. I used to do the same thing with a dog that lived down the street from us that was particularly vigorous.

Wendy said...

uggggh- I know what you mean about washing everything- it feels freaky not to, hmm? Good luck!

Chelsea said...

mice = not fun. We had one in our condo in Utah and luckily had a pest control place come spray, which dazed said mouse. He was standing in the middle of our hallway and both me and the dog walked past him a few times before I covered him with a glass container and waited for ryan to get home, but after that, all I could think of when I heard little scratchings were mice.

Thanks for the offer. We'll use you as a VERY last resort. I'll have to ask around at Enrichment on Thursday and the baby shower on Friday, but seriously, thank you so much.