Thursday, November 20

Things and Stuff

So yesterday I was sitting with Alice in the living room, and watching something and feeding her and I see this guy walking up the front walk. Huh, ok. So I think, I wonder what this is. He comes up and does NOT knock, but starts peering in the window. He looked in the dining room first, then started looking at the living room and saw me staring at him. He jump, startled, and walked quite quickly away.

I snickered.

But, it was strange. I think he was a guy that was working on the remodel next door, but I dunno. I was just glad that Alice was eating bread and not boobs.

Last night we had Schlectness. It was pretty enjoyable. The giant Ho turned out. I made a chocolate sauce and tried adding oil to make it harden. We ate the saucy ho before it was hard. It was chocolately delight. I also busted out the pink depression glass dishes. I was given a bunch from Daniel's grandmother and we have used them like twice in the last year. I also got a cute pink depression glass pitcher and 4 juice glasses. They are so tiny, its very cute. We used them as well. For milk. Cause milk should be drunk from tiny pink glasses.

Oh, and the poetry. Man the poetry was funny. We combined a poem by some old drunk guy (can't remember his name, sorry guys) with the back of a movie case. Best line: "DRUNK! I AM DRUNK!" "Check" Laughter, laughter. Yeah, and the baby went to bed at like midnight, which means I have free time! (Hence, the post, ja).

On a sad note, I cleaned out under the sink, and all the cabinets in bleach soaking joy yesterday. I also finished wasing all, all, ALL of the pots and pans under the cabinets. This morning Daniel saw freaking mouse poo under the sink. AGAIN! I JUST FREAKING CLEANED THAT! (i must yell because out loud yelling would wake my spawn.) The mouse traps were sitting under the sink, untriggered.

Tonight, we will be putting trim up. FOrget relief society hanging out with cookies. Forget choir. Daniel will be climbing inside the cabinets looking for holes. The trim will finish getting up (we had dome some potential hole covering, but no actual trim). The cabinets will get cleaned again and we will stop the freaking poo machine that is the mouse in our house. I am so freaking sick of him, I am Mormon swearing up a storm. I put thefood processor under there. I put all my clean pots and pans in that cabinet. I Just ate breakfast.

Don't get between a woman and her food. You will be crushed tiny little creature.

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