Wednesday, November 5

So, Obama Wins.

I have to admit, I am not surprised. We don't watch much TV, but McCain's TV ads made him look like a moron. Plus, people saw that statistic that in 2007 he voted with the president 95% of teh time (even though its been lower) and were like, oh no nothing will change! Of course if they look at Obama's recod every year he has been in congress he voted with his party 97-98% of the time. Plus democrats are in control of the House and Senate. Normally I wouldn't see anything wrong with that, but in this case he feel like a puppet president. (Look at how i am talking, he isn't even president, he was just voted in more popular).

In anoher note, the final call for Prop 8 isn't in, but it is losing with 60% of the vote in. Maybe because they did that ad of mormon missionaries ransacking some female couple's home and ripping up thier marriage certificate. It was really in poor taste. Especially since they introduced themselves as from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For real now, why wouldn't our church support adding the words "marriage between a man and a woman" to ANY thing. I mean its in the Family Proclamation tothe World. And yeah, that was set out to the world in 1995. Looks like yet again the Lord issued revelation before it was needed. Now, I am not saying laws like that won't get passed, but the reason why the First Presidency sent out letters asking people to support it makes total sense.

Overall I am not really excited or bummed about the elections. It happened, we have chosen, as a nation, to have certain people represent us. Now is the time ot see if that happens.


the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

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Michelle said...

The Church was HUGE in supporting prop 8 around here. We had grassroots organizing meetings during our Relief Society/Priesthood meetings. The Stake President spoke in our Sacrament meeting and asked us all to donate $1000 to the cause. Quite a few people in my ward thought that it was taken a bit to far actually. And I agreed with them. I've got no problem with using the Church to organize, and I voted for Prop 8, but I was put off by using our church meeting times to do it. Especially since some of the rhetoric was really kind of hateful (after the First Presidency specifically asked us to not hate on gay people). Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I wasn't sure how much you guys knew about the Church's involvement with the issue here in California.