Wednesday, November 19

Working, working, working!

OK, Obama needs to not be at the top of my blog post anymore. So here we go.

I have a 'job' working for ChaCha. Its a free service (paid by advertising) where you text in a question, and get it answered by a person. Its like what KU info used to be. Its sort of cool. Only downside, providing sources. Especially for math questions. ANd i keep getting feedback emails that my presentation isn't the best. I guess i don't sound personable enough? I am not sure. Maybe its also cause I sometimes take a while to answer a question. I dunno.

Anyway, I have made over $9.50 in my spare time in the last couple of weeks, and though thats mot much, its better than nothin. So here is to texting (or calling) in questions! I don't know how you get an answer if you call in though. Maybe they email it to you?

SO here is all the useless facts I have learned:
1. Bill Gates retired June of 08. Before that he was paid $700K directly for use of some company that microsoft buys thier sample pics, etc from. There was also much more money paid to that company, but it wasn't directly to Gates.
2. You can't use a pdf document as a source, unless you view as html (its that whole select text thing that don't work.)
3. Germ-X (hand sanitizer) does NOT work for pimples. That was a duh, answer, but I did tell the guy that it can prevent staph infections that sometimes look like pimples or boils. Yummy.
4. 10 foot sections of aluminum gutter are about $7.50, and come in white, but you can paint them. Sorry dude, they don't come in maple unless you find some local retailer, and thats not on the net.
5. 3% of 93 is a little more than 2. That was honestly a HARD question to answer. They have links to stuff for doing math problems, but nothign for finding a percent. I finally found a site for 3rd grade math, and copy pasted that you have to remember that percent is per hundred then gave them the answer. I will probably get a feedback note on source, but whatever.
6. If you want 10" subs, and a 10" amp, you can get both from for about $220, with 2.95 shipping. I would give you the exact models I pulled up, but it REALLY doesn't matter.
7. If you boil bleach you will end up with a precipitate...that solid is an explosive! I found it on some pro-NRA site. The question was 'can you boil bleach' and i gave them a what you can do with it when you do. As a note, you can also buy the solid from pool stores...its a few bucks for a pound.
8. 60% of women secretly hate wedding showers. I don't know if thats really a secret or not. I was glad mine was a total flop. I have never really enjoyed them. I sort of hate lots of the things we do that are extraneous with weddings and the like.
9. A nollie is an ollie done with the nose of a skateboard.

ALso, the best thing to do when bored is to go to the ChaCha forums (for employees) and read the bad answer, better answer. Some of the original answers were HORRIBLE. Like ones that don't havea thing to do with the questions. Or the reply, Dunno man. Source?

Oy. Enough of that. Its cold. I should clean. Its 7am and dark(ish).

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nannergirl said...

You make almost $180 bucks a year on that salary! Rollin' in the money I suppose.