Monday, January 5

The Dragon and the Phoenix

From Rebecca: Warning this is a sordid tale of woe and intrigue.

On Friday night and Saturday morningish we were in Witchita. Now the fact that we were in Witchita is actually quite irrelevant, but that's where we were. Infact, for the sake of this "sordid tale" it does not even matter why we were there or who we were with. What matters is this...

Saturday we went to a place where there was a music video dvd playing on repeat that had silly computer graphics and lots of hoochie momma dancing women. This dvd was NOT in English. Due to that distraction I allowed both a Phoenix and a Dragon to come down in front of me. Luckily they didn't really get along very well so somehow they ended up being dead and lathered in some sort of mysterious sauces. The music started staring at me. Everyone else started staring at me. Alice stood up and roared, and tried to steal the Phoenix from me entirely. I had to eat! I didn't manage to eat much but still I did eat some.

I should have known better! Mythical creatures are not fit for consumption!!! Later that night I got the most severe bout of what can only be considered food poisoning I ever recall. It was completely unknown as to what was the cause or even that that was my ailment. Yet it seems very likely that that was the case. You see... if you eat the body of a mythical creature you imbibe far too much magical essense. For those that are not trained or practiced in this art it quickly overpowers your system and escapes in the most readily available fashion. NOT FUN!

What makes matters worse is that we saved the carcasses. Rebecca saw them last night and thought... ooh so slimy and yummy looking I must eat it! So she did... She isn't practiced enough either, so now she is suffering. Poor Rebecca, and poor me.


P.S. It was Volcano Shrimp and General Tsao Chicken. Ewww.

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nannergirl said...

General Tso Chicken rocks. You must have gotten some actual dragon and it just tasted like chicken.