Tuesday, January 6

Things that make you go...huh?

Around Thanksgiving we got an ad in the mail from our bank. It wanted us to join an Auto thingy...pretty much roadside service for $20 a month. We already get free roadside service through our car insurance, so we really didn't need it. BUT (There is always a but) it did have a 30 day free trial, and if you signed up you would get a free iPOD shuffle even if you cancel during the trial period.

I was sold. You see, I had decided I would be like my sister and start jogging. I tried for one day, got so bored that before I was at the corner I turned around. Jogging is really not something I want to do, but with music I could stand it. So I told Daniel we needed to buy me an mp3 player. This ad meant a free iPOD shuffle. iPOD wasn't my first choice since it won't play WMA files, but since I have plenty of CDs and music on my computer, it wasn't really a bad thing. Plus it was free, so why not.

Now fast forward a few week or so, after we signed up we got our cards in the mail. And, in the envelope with the cards was a paper you had to sign for your free iPOD shuffle. I was sort of annoyed that we had to send in more mail, but dang it I wanted that iPOD shuffle. That was the only reason why we signed up afterall. So I sent in the card and paid the postage. Total cost to us, was now $0.42 (the initial thing was postage paid).

Well, that iPOD shuffle came in the mail yesterday. Daniel brought it in when he got home and we all went "oooo" together. You have to admit, all things Apple are packaged pretty. Of course I was pretty much hobbling between the couch and the toilet so I didn't take it out and charge it or anything. That was started today. I have downloaded iTunes again, and am charging the shuffle. Its so tiny.

Anyway, I was in the kitchen slicing Alice a chink of cheese to chew on when I heard what sounded like either a knock or something falling down the stairs. I looked and saw no one, but I did see a brown and yellow delivery truck by the street. My guess, they knocked once and pitched the package down. It has happened before since we don't have a car sitting out there in the day.

I saw who it was from and was confused. I opened it and chuckled. The auto vantage sent us a digital video camera. It may not be super fancy comapred to whats on the market now, but since my digital camera doesn't do sound with video its awesome. Plus it can take up to 5mp pictures. My camera does 3. And, it retails for $65 or so bucks. Lets face it, its not something we would be getting for a long while if ever if we had to spring for it ourselves. But for now we will continue to take any free gifts companies send us. I have a camera to open and charge...and maybe even a child to record.


nannergirl said...

Dang. I want free stuff.

FromThe Creek said...

That is pretty cool! Thanks for commenting at my site.

BTW your baby is adorable!

Chelsea said...

Thanks awesome. I love when things like that happen. Ryan and I were just saying today that we should probably sign up for AAA. If we lock ourselves out of our car just once it pays for itself. Tate Feller was saying it's only, like, $40/yr. TOTALLY worth it for the Towing service (which costs around $100 - crazy!).

Also, where do you guys live? I've been wanting to go walking (let's face it - there's no way I can jog) again but am terrible unless I have someone to report to/walk with. We live off of Peterson/Lawrence/Iowa...interested?