Thursday, January 22

Today WILL be a good day

So I feel like blogging. I think its because I got 7 consecutive hours of sleep last night. Ah, sweet sweet sleep. Its been a long week. A long stressful week. I even got a cold sore. I haven't had one of those since I was in pharmacy school. I got them at the start of every semester like clockwork. Too, too stressful for me. The most recent one is a result of waking up every couple of hours to a baby crying/yelling "Da!" because she can't breathe out her nose. Followed by torturous nose irrigation and nose suckage. I detailed it all previously.

But, I slept from 11pm to 6am. At 6am, Alice wanted to nurse, and kept pulling off to breathe (a sure sign that nose irrigation is in the near future). After some torture, and her being very slippery, but not as powerfully strong as usual, we sucked the nose and left her breathing almost properly. Within 10 minutes of completion she was asleep. And I realized I was awake.

Man, my punctuation in this is horrible, and I don't even care!

So my goal is for the kid to get well enough we can go to mommy and me music time at the church on Friday. She has 24 hours to start eating food again.

My boobs will thank her.

And, maybe she will even eat more baby crack. Her appetite has consisted of "Ooo baby crack! I want some" to within 2 minutes, lets feed Daddy the baby crack. Daddy of course lets her and say "Yumm" Even though I think all those baby puffs are pretty yucky and strangely sweet. I mean, it says sweet potato, but it tastes like sweet potatoes covered in brown sugar. She still sees the container and is all excited about it, but doesn't care to eat.

Here I was all excited that she was nursing less and less often. Then, KABAM!, she got sick and if she could breathe, nursing was all she wanted. She probably has lost weight. Or at least hasn't gained any this week. Even though she ate cookies. (go figure, the only things she wants when she is sick is baby snacks and cookies)

My cooking plan has been modified to deal with all the sickies in our house. Partly because its hard to remember to get thigns ready for the next day. Take last night. I put a chicken and veggies in the crockpot around 12. The chicken had been out of the freezer and thawing in the fridge for 24 hours and was still rock hard. And perhaps people will say, I shouldn't have tried cooking it when it was totally frozen, but I don't feel like arguing about temperatures and cooking food properly in crockpots.

Well come dinner time (6 hours on high later) it looked pretty not done. So I cooked up a vegetarian risotto. Only, we didn't have any corn in the freezer. Shocking I know. I mean, we still have 6 bags of frozen broccoli, but no frozen corn. So I used peas. I also didn't have any garlic cloves, so I used garlic salt in the water (no broth). Lets just say, it was ok, but daniel was pretty sick of it after he are most of his bowl. Just a hint, if you are supposed to use parmesan and mozerella cheeses together, don't switch out the mozerella for sharp cheddar. Its really not the same.

Ok, my brain has been flushed of all thoughts. except i think there is a woodpecker outside attacking the neighbors trees. I would look, but its the east side of the house, and who knows opening curtains might be enough to wake babies. We want her to sleep another 4 hours. Then wake up eat baby cereal, and go back to sleep for another couple of hours. That would be my idea of a good day.

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Chelsea said...

sick alice doesn't sound like fun. at all. your poor little family. At least you have good news! (Daniel's raise) so that will be nice.

I hope she's starting to get better...poor girl.