Thursday, January 15

Surprises that aren't really surprises

1-800-Fat Baby is a sex line. Or at least a sultry answering "hey Guys" line.

So its freaking cold here. Like the high today was (maybe) 10. The news was talking about how it reached double digits as if that was awesome. I guess its better than people farther north, but still. Oh, and FYI its 3 right now, and with a very mild breeze feels like -4. Thats like a balmy afternoon.

I made the most amazing potato soup for dinner today. Daniel came home later than I expected, and I had 3 bowlfuls. Yes 3. It was amazing. Alice had some, and also carried her bowl all over the downstairs and I found out where she had left some, by stepping in it. Yummy. I haven't made potato soup in years. I should remember how good carbs taste when the high reaches double digits. yeah!

Well, I would putter around online or something, but the baby is wailing upstairs. Daniel took her to bed, and she is already mad at me because I refused to nurse her after she bit me. So its gonna be a long night. I can already hear Badger Badger not literally, as i have the computer, but I will hear it I am sure.

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Lydia said...

Potato soup sounds awesome. I have potatoes . . . maybe if I invest in getting the rest of that stuff I can have something awesome as well.