Friday, January 23

Status Update

Alice is officially sick. She is really really sick in the head. She has eye infections in both eyes... and she has ear infections in both ears. Her nose is runny and her mouth is babbling and occasionally coughing. Poor sick girl. In the words of the doctor, "Oh her eyes look terrible. Cute though." or something like that...

I didn't go to work today because I seemed sick this morning. I've decided that I'm only going to call in sick again if I'm ridiculously sick... like to the point that if I feel bad when I get up and get over it at like 10 am I might just go into work anyway since I don't actually come in contact with my co-workers unless I choose to do so.

We got ourselves some food grade buckets from the local grocery store's bakery. Evidentally this time of year is not a good time to try to get buckets though. You should come after Valentine's day they say... Oh well. We got 5 buckets with gasket style lids that used to have icing in them. I'm told that those will be quite satisfactory. All we need now is some of those moisture absorber things and we can start storing away food. Though Rebecca is thinking we might get some of those. um... heat sealable pouches which name eludes me in order to store stuff and then put them in bins... I suppose it matters somewhat on how long we plan on storing it. I kind of doubt a ridiculously long time since this is our experimental food storage.

Did I mention that I'm getting a $1.00 raise? Or rather... all up I'm supposed to get another $1.50/hour over what I have been making? The ridiculous thing is that I'll be making assuming I get what they've told me I'll get about $3 an hour more than I was this time last year. Finally there is obviously no reason for me to quit my job and move to work in a meat packing plant like the rest of the family. Sweet! I applied for a positions at work as well. Apparently there's quite a bit of delay about what's going on but dropped hints and casual comments imply that I might actually get a second interview, which means I actually might have a chance of getting the position.

Rebecca has gotten really into puzzles. It's nice that she's found something that she can get really into because honestly she gets pretty bored a lot of the time. The problem is that I find her puzzle doing kinda boring. And now she dares to questions me! Honey, I'm blogging. I'm doing your job for you. Anyhow, I don't feel like sharing more things right now or thinking of things to share... Have a good one.

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