Tuesday, January 13

Food Storage is Popular!

So we were on the list to go with the University Ward to the Cannery on Saturday. We also made the transition to the 1st Ward this weekend. After finding out there were people wanting to go to the cannery as well, and knowing we could probably sign up with the 1st ward, we decided to go as one of the 1st ward's numbers.

Here is where it gets sort of ironic.

Apparently there are 20 spots available at the cannery for workers. There are 4 wards in Lawrence splitting a cannery day. We were part of the 5 for the University ward. Now we have been added to a list of already 6 for first ward (that means 8). And the relief Society President said there are 6 signed up from another ward. So with one ward in the unknown status, and assuming there are 2 people that want to sign up under the university ward in our spots, we have 19 people going. Ha.

Food storage is popular.

We are getting a bunch o food storage too. Mostly in "Bulk" style 50 lb bags. As in, everything we are planning on using, and can conceivably use within a year or so is getting bought in bulk. And I am going to try canning dry beans. I am not sure if we should buy a pressure canner or not, but we will at least borrow one and try out canning before deciding I hate it (or love it, who knows).

Alice walks. She is walking to the point of trying to carry things. Things that are too big for her. Things like a box that weighs as much as she does. And if she tries to pick something up that's too big, and she can't get it she screams. Bloody murder screaming. Only a couple more years until she learns to regulate her voice volume. Only a couple more years of louds wails and screams...of course in a couple more years there will be someone else in the right age group to keep up the screaming. Yeah, good times.

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