Saturday, January 17

I had to chuckle

So, I was very much not planning on blogging tonight. Last night's ramble I dunno, but it wasn't good. And today has been a long day. Alice had her first extended time away from me and Daniel. I mean sure she has been watched for a couple of hours at a time...but 5. That's like asking for torture. {Oh and thanks Kate for asking for it.} She actually had Alice for like 7 hours because we had about 1000 lbs of food in the back of the van that made the tires look really squishy...then we moved some to a different car...then we drove somewhat slow the whole way home. Next time we might just drive ourselves...but who knows.

Ironically, all my worry at the cannery/on the way home was overreacting. Alice was probably better behaved for Kate than she is for me. Of course, why would she scream for anything. She had her baby animal book, and Kate doesn't have boobs (at least ones that would be deemed acceptable) so she wouldn't scream and grab at her shirt. Or maybe she did. (That thought made me laugh.)

But, I digress. I still need to get to why I posted.

My little sister's blog has been hijacked. I know because I signed into blogger and there were 35!!! new posts under my family. The people listed under my family are me and 2 of my siblings who post maybe once a week each.

So if you want read about MySpace layouts of gucci bags. Or just stare at links about them...go on over to her place. And enjoy my chuckle of the evening.

FYI other posts include such gems as "I'm finally getting over my cold, which rocks. Also, I'm not the one making dinner tonight. Score" I think I am in High School Musical. Rockin Score!

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Lydia said...

yeah, i switched the domain name of my blog not realizing it would screw up everyone who was subscribed or whatever. I checked what happened to the old domain name and it is some purse advertizing site. btw, the new domain name for my blog is