Thursday, January 29

This just in...

Sleeping cannot happen when your neck hurts like a $(^*$%#@#() (insert your fave swear word here).

Also, the stimulus 'plan' passed in the house. Not one republican senator voted for it. 11 democrats voted against it. Yes, we now have a puppet master.

I read this on "Democrats argued that the bill was imperative with the economy in the worst shape since the Depression." So I looked up what exactly happened to end the Great Depression. Lets face it, I wasn't around, I hated History class, I dunno what happened. Anyone wanna guess what saved us from the economic plight?


Oh the irony. {maybe i am the only one finding this ironic} We are ending a war (and everyone knows war=jobs cause thats what one of my teachers told me in high school) and trying to throw chinese money at people to make things better.

What? You didn't know it was chinese dollars? You thought the Chinese had the Yen? You were so wrong. China owns so much of America's debt. All the people refusing to buy things from China know. All the anti-Walmart stack em high people know. I don't dislike China, but lets face it they pown us. I am powned by the people that made bird flu famous. I am powned by people without central heating, running water, or democracy. Go China. Way to show us up. By the way, I love your cinema, can I get a tax break?

{i took cold medicine}

[my head is funny]

And they are still trying to 'strengthen' the stimulus plan before it gets to Obama's desk. Strengthen. As in add more to it. It was 816 billion, now 825 billion...and thats after they recalculated and found out someone forgot to carry a 1 and they miscalculated by 3 billion dollars. Can my bank account be miscalcuolated by 3 billion dollars? That would be awesome. No actually, it would be disturbing.

Hmm, I wonder if Obama will veto it. *insert sarcastic chuckle here*

He has a new website out. Thats right new websites = more jobs! One person to be the IT guy, two more for content management, 2 for the budget for them, and one who keeps refreshing the webpage to watch for hackers.

I am not even againt the stimulus thing, not completely. It just feels like we are using a bandaid when we need stitches. I want my Novacaine dang it people. Give me my minor surgery. It will be better than pain for life.

As for me, well Daniel hada bit of economic news at work today. The position he applied for was filled by someone else. Thier position was open. He would have had to apply by the end of work today. We decided whatever. Daniel called me in between breaks to give me a heads up. His supervisor took him in her office and told him to apply for the position, and to just do it now on the clock. Aparrantly her and a nother manager were talking about how he would be good at this job, and the supervisor of the area he would be in really likes him (she was his first supervisor 2 years ago when he first got hired in). And pay is unknown, but she thinks its like $18/hr. If he gets the position I will need some help picking my jaw off the table and reattaching it. Of course, if you think of this in similar terms to government and politics Daniel is the economic stimulus plan and the hiring people are democrats. we just have to find out if they are the 11 rogue democrats, or if they are with the majority.

That is all. Now, if only I could stop coughing. And sleep. And stop sweating. Why is our house so warm? Its not like we even have the heat on at night. darn thermally efficient home.

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