Friday, January 16

Friday Funday!

So last night (Thursday) Daniel was sick. Pretty much the whole night. In fact I awoke to find him missing a few times. He slept on the twin bed/hung out in the bathroom all night. He had the same symptoms as he did with the mystery "food poisoning" which leads me to believe he has some sensitivity or IBS or something. Lets just say they have 'cake day' once a month at work for the birthdays and he will eat cake all day. I blame the cake. Or the stress from not knowing he did or did not get a position he applied for. but whatever.

We got up at 5:45. Alice included. Alice was only included because she woke up when I went to find out why Daniel wasn't in bed.

Daniel played Sly Cooper.

We went back to bed at like 8? Who knows. Maybe it was 7. The phone rang and woke me and of course when I went to answer it, I was followed out of bed by wails. I am looking forward to getting the baby in her own bed, but I am not looking forward to doing it. Especially since she wails at nothing just to get her way.

My brother came up because he wanted my cable modem, and his son was sick so he couldn't see him. So we went to mass street.

A piece labeled "Black Boy yard Art" and looking like Little Black Sambo from the children's book was spotted. We didn't buy it. Though it made me chuckle. and, FYI I don't think that book is racist. In fact I thought the kid was pretty smart, and even though I have pancakes, you gotta give it to him for eating 167 [or whatever] pancakes for dinner.

We also visited the hippie herb shop. That place is good times. Good, incense filled times. I bought some herbs for tea. Jarom got him some 'culture' and Daniel was surprised such a place exsisted in Lawrence. Might I say, for Kansas at least, Lawrence is a cultural haven. And thir random artsy pieces were actually cool, and nowhere near as overpriced as the antique mall's junk. I rather dislike antique malls, but Jarom likes his random things, so there you go.

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Kate said...

I loved Little Black Sambo when I was a kid!!!!! And yes, I, not racist :)