Thursday, January 29

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

So, as Rebecca iterated a little there was a position I tried to get at work. I didn't get it. Now because my supervisor told me to I am trying to get the position that other person had had. The crazy thing is that she was then in on the interview. The supervisor she had been talking to about me when I hadn't applied when they decided they should encourage me to do so... was also in the interview. The supervisor who would actually be my supervisor if I got the position was my first supervisor and had originally asked for me to be on her team because she liked me.

I can't help but feel like I have a serious chance of getting this position.

The problem... I never get anything I apply for at this job. It always ends up going to someone who already has a position that requires applying for and then it's just cyclical and crazy like that. The other problem, I'm already sick... and my supervisor went out of her way to really make me want this posistion so now I can't help but be like UGH if I don't get it my life is ruined! Of course that makes no sense, but I'm sick! That being said I can't sleep my throat hurts I'm coughing up flem and I'm stressing my mind and wracking my brain trying to think of what I could do to increase my odds. Naturally I prayed for help in actually getting this because um... for crying out loud I wasn't even going to apply but my supervisor intervined and told me to do so and that I could even do it on the clock. It feels like a set up... if I don't get it I'll be sad. :-( It sounds like the actual job would be similar to what I did as a team lead for Sorenson Communications only without the ridiculous amounts of downtime and with other duties that will remind me of being in the mission office, hence better pay.

Heh, when I worked for Sorenson a Team lead that spoke no Spanish would make less money than a new hire who did speak Spanish. The wage system was like so... base pay $10. Spanish speaking increase base pay by 5%. On the job trainer bases pay increased by 2%. Team lead an additional 2%... What trivial raises. The whole point of getting promoted was just so you could be like sweet... I'm promoted. I matter, I have more responsibility and I get trivially more money unless other people speak Spanish... then they outwage me. But here... let's just say it would be about a 50% pay increase to do a job that will be much more interesting and entertaining. Win-Win...
Let's cross our fingers and hope I can relax enough to be able to sleep tonight.

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Lydia said...

It will be totally awesome if you get that job. Of course you already know that - just making sure you know I know that.