Sunday, January 18

Surprising Surprises

Alice has cold legs because we can't afford to buy her pants. Alice's diaper is also wet because we can't pay anyone to change her. But, I got mail yesterday that makes it sound like soon we may be able to.

Anyway, no more need to be stupid about how I'm talking. So I checked the mail yesterday after we'd done some running around and I got what I would have gotten at work on Friday if I hadn't been sick. Apparently my department at work is so awesome that our employer uses us as an example and is going to give everyone a $1/hour raise. That's pretty dang cool. They already owe me a $0.50 they were supposed to give me before, so I guess now I should be getting another $1.50/hour. That sure would add up! It would be really handy too because it seems like recently Rebecca and I have gotten really good at spending money. I say Rebecca and I but face it I make the money and in general Rebecca decides what we will spend it on. My discretionary spending really only effects us at most like $100... Anyway... these raises I should be getting would give me an extra $3,120 gross annually. That's um... $120 a check... Wowwee... It's theorhetically possible too that I'll end up getting the position that I applied for at work, but I'm not really thinking that will happen.

Note this post occurred because Rebecca decided to force me to post in a dictation style even though I didn't feel like it at the time. And then I came downstairs and she had a post pending that she hadn't wrote anything on. I vandalized it and then scheduled it for many hours away thinking that no one would see it as long as she updated it until then but apparently Blogger is a jerk and will e-mail things to people before they've even posted, which doesn't make any sense. I'm using run on sentences because that's how I roll and it makes me happy and you'll just have to deal with that because I don't feel like figuring out when to use my sentence enders because that's too much effort.

So yeah, last week we started going to our new family ward at church. It was kinda surprising how small the Elder's Quorum was... I mean the people who actually went to class including the teacher excluding the female babies there were 11. That's tiny tiny tiny! I think the High Priest group was actually larger. That'll show me for coming from a ward where absolutely every male goes to Elder's Quorom even if he's a high priest. Our classes were huge but these were small. Another surprising thing was that Alice spent most of Sacrament meeting trying to eat the children who were sitting in front of us. Silly children don't you know that if you look at a baby she only becomes stronger? Oh well.

Yeah, so I guess I'll stop rambling now and update these tags to be more sensible. Have a good one blogger. Cheers

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