Monday, January 26

Ouchy Sore Throat

This is night #2 with me up at odd hours of the night not able to sleep because breathing hurts. Its called a cough + congestion + already sore throat = death to me.

I hosed my throat down with the numbing throat spray, but it only worked for a minute or so, and I had to do it again. I finally dragged myself out of bed to suck on some cough drops and see which NSAID medicine is the drug of choice for sore throats. Turns out, you can really take anything you want, even aspirin if you are over 18, of course if you are breastfeeding it might be off limits. I even have this Hydrocodone with APAP I am tempted to take. (I chose the ibuprofen pills as they are tiny). With Hydrocodone I could pass out. Hard. That would be nice.

Instead I am sitting here drinking water and steeping some peppermint tea with honey. I wasn't brave enoguh to add cayenne pepper, or rather we don't own any cayenne pepper, and there is no way I am going to the store at 4am for cayenne pepper.

Mmm warm on my throat. Those online doctors know what they are talking about.

So since I am awake and all, I am bumming around the internet. I could be watching infomercials, but they suck me in too too well. I mean I won't buy thier stuff, but I will keep watching them for much too long. Anyway, here is something I want. It is actually a reasonable price.

Curse you body for thinking drinking means you can start coughing. And I am not letting Daniel take another sick day, though I sort of wish he would. If only to watch the baby who is currently making liquid poo. Like you will hear her rip one and say, oh gosh if that isn't poo thats amazing. No its not amazing. Its just really runny. Like run over the diaper and onto the onesie/pants runny. Like I know she feels like crap runny.

I heard her strart coughing last ngiht when we went to bed. She jst wimpered in pain. You and me both kid. I am glad I don't have the GI upset you have, though now that I mentioned it I will probably become afflicted.

I have nothing useful to say so I guess I will go back to staring at things online until I think I can lie down and not cough a baby awake. Or until I take the hydrocodone. Is it self medicating, if its your own prescription?

Ha, I just noticed that the prescription was filled on Valentines Day last year. I totally forgot that was when I had my root canal. Well it was officially a couple of days before, but we didn't fill the prescription until I had to get antibiotics as well. So happy Valentines Day Rebecca. Lets hope this one is a step above root canal pain. (We already have dinner reservations and sitting done by boy scouts raising money for scout camp.)

EDIT: Ah man I just found out Jello makes diarrhea worse for kids. Dang it.

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