Wednesday, January 14

Things that I have Eaten, ramblings of a sick woman

Rebecca here. Daniel's account was logged in, and I am lazy enough to not sign into my own account. Is that slothful or what?

I only thought to write this when I went into the kitchen to find something to make for lunch and was reminded we have shrimp thawed. How do we have $4/lb shrimp thawed? Well, last night Daniel was looking for the hotdogs and didn't see any in the fridge. He pulled out the shrimp to get the hot dogs out, and didn't put the shrimp back. Of course the missing hot dogs were in the fridge, unopened because I had not been eating them because I had leftovers.

I also have determined I caught some strange foreign virus from 1st ward. No symptoms, just swollen lymph glands and excess sleeping. Even if you envy the fact that at 3:30 yesterday me and the baby passed out in bed...and woke up at can't envy the achy yucky feeling I have had. Or the fabulous red mark where I took off a couple of layers of Alice's face while removing a BandAid. That thing was impressively sticky. I think it was even the Walmart brand to boot. I yanked it last night, and you can still see a faint red mark today...over 12 hours later. *snicker* No wonder she wailed when it was removed.

Anyway back to things I have eaten. It shall be a day of reminicing and mild horror.

1. Hot Dogs and sour cream. Don't ask how I thought of this as a kid, but I would dip the hot dog in the sour cream. It is still good today, but I never have sour cream, so it never happens.
2. Hot Dog Burrito. This is probably the cheapest burrito you can make. OR at least the easiest. Microwave the hotdog, put in a tortilla, add lettuce and whatever else you have. Roll and eat. It sounds gross, but it is no worse than a hotdog on a bun. In fact it might be better since I don't eat it with ketchup.
3. Peanutbutter Sandwich Cookies. You know, the el cheapo store brand that has the strange flavors. PB is a good one. Alice also loves it, and since I am sure there isn't even peanut butter in it (well trace amounts maybe) she gets to snack on them as well.

Ok, I am stumped as to what else to add. Thats probably because I have some sort of lymp fighting fatigue. Or brain freeze. I think I eat horrible food when I don't feel well. Mostly because its easier. And even though I could easily saute some shrimp (and it is the food of gods), I would have to load the dishwasher, and wash the pans. And I have done that every day for the last week or so. Ok, maybe not everyday, but I don't feel like it, and its my choice to live in sloth, so there. Oh and I have to find out what sort of handwritten Thank You note is appropriate for a job interview. Cosmo says to do it, so Daniel is going to. Heh, heh, heh. Thats funny.

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