Monday, January 26

Politics as Usual -- Part 1

So in my sickness and tea sipping I have done some light reading. Political reading is usually good for a laugh. So is, in my opinion of course, the new presidential website. Its not the website itself, its what is written there.

Case in point. The presidential agenda.

He wants to get a larger military. Why? I thought we were getting out of Iraq. If we are getting out of Iraq why do we need 65K more army and 27K more Marines? (I used K for thousand cause it seems more intimidating to me, i mean 65K is a bunch of money. It takes us a couple of years to get that.) I also had to chuckle when I read that him and Mr Joe Biden want to give leadership from the top. I mean, sure you are the commander in chief, but must you flaunt it? He also wants to give tons more funding to the military in general, and deploy troops to OTHER countries.

I admit, I didn't vote for Obama. But, I want to support him; I really do. I mean, he wants to end war in Iraq. I totally think we should give up our occupancy, but we are gonna go put our noses in more countries business? Have we the benevolent dictators democracy of the world decided we are the nosy next door neighbor peeking through blinds calling the cops because we see something 'suspicious.' Hmmm, thats a yes. My guess is that he wants us to put troops in Ireland. Afterall Barak O'Bama is Irish. There all sorts of songs on YouTube about it. (Ok, just one song, but lots of videos.)

I also had to note that they are creating a budget for the DOD as stringent as the Federal budget. *snicker* Come on Obama. Do you really expect me to buy that? And even if you starts prosecuting people using the DOJ when they overcharge the government or whatever, how long will that take? Lawsuits take years, and the federal judicial system is pretty swamped. Well, maybe its not, but when I was working for the EEOC cases before federal judges took forever. These were cases filed a good 4-5 years before. Why add more to the judges plates? I mean, are you planning on adding more judges to deal with this new caseload? (there is no link for judicial dept on the presidential website, though they do include hunting?? and fishing???. Aparrantly he thinks he can get the hunters to conserve the animals or whatever by volunteering to not hunt or something. I don't hunt, my husband doesn't hunt, in fact we don't know anyone who does hunt, but I do know that many people live off of game they shoot and clean themselves. So lets take food out of thier mouths.)

Ok that last aside was a little mean. But you get my point.

I thought Obama was about change. How is a big military change? Honestly I think Bush got that up and going, much to everyone's criticism. And how can these new strict budgets afford more soldiers? You can look online and see how much our current serving forces are making. They are not rich of course, and if you knew thier base salary you would wonder how people survive, but unlike the rest of the country, you get living allowances, including cost of living allowances for the more expensive parts of the country. And based on's figures between tax breaks and health benefits you actually make more net wages than a private sector employee. Is Obama's nationalized healthcare plan actually just getting everyone into the military? {I will cover that later}

As an aside, my throat feels much better. Go warm liquids (and probably the ibuprofen as well).

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