Sunday, January 11

I'll pee on you

Day 1 in a new ward. Alice was loud and showoff grinning the whole time. So many kids, so little time. I have to say, relief society was the best though. We sat there, being ok...until she discovered Reese's Puff cereal courtesy of a nursery skipping baby. Alice was in love. She loved the peanut butter and chocolatey glory all over her hands face and of course her white dress. My thought: don't expect to get much out of lessons, talks, etc if you have a kid. You will be too busy picking up the spilled food off the floor for the third time that block while hoping she doesn't dive over the pew into another person's kid. Plus, maybe it was my distraction, but I was so lost during the lesson. I honestly thought we were in intro talky stuff for the first 15 minutes of the lesson when the teacher mentioned she was using little things from the book. She was? by the last few minutes of class Alice was wanting boobs/{a nap} but she stopped being destructive so I could actually get out my lesson manual.

Conversation this evening:
Alice, I'll pee on you.
I really will, if Mommy wants me to.

As a side note, while I was writing this he said "it would feel pretty odd, but I reckon I would if you really wanted me to."

And now I am laughing so hard I just might.


Michelle said...

Yeah, but then she'll go to nursery, and it's like "Praise the LORD!!". That one year to 18 month time is the hardest. Seriously. Of course, that only applies to lessons, you won't get to really listen in Sacrament meeting for a long time. Nora, at 3 1/2 is FINALLY getting where she'll color most of the way through the meeting, but Layni is still all over the place. Kids are fun. People should share these stories BEFORE you get pregnant.

Heidi said...

i was also very confused by the "lesson" and i didn't have the child, so there you go.

Lydia said...

Uh oh, she is going to go berserk over sugar from this day on.