Wednesday, January 28

Politics as Usual - Part Deux the Economy

Today the legislative branch of the government is voting on giving money to people. $900 BILLION. Do you know how many zero's are in that?

I will give you a hint, more than I will ever see in my bank account. In fact, I would recommend using scientific notation once you hit the billion mark, it's less confusing.

Sorry, that has nothing to do with the president's website, but I have to say I don't know how much I am for this. My credit card sent me mail telling me my interest rate would double, just because after they got their stimulus. AIG is giving all their employees bonuses after getting their stimulus money. {why does Their break the i before e rule? so obnoxious, I misspel it constantly}

With all these financial experts talking about decreasing our debt and spending smarter, whats up with the government. (if I get a little scatterbrained sounding, its because I am hacking up a lung and can't concentrate so well currently)

OK so the goals for this term is 1. double the use of alternative energy. I am for that. I know that will cost money. I also know that's not part of this stimulus plan. {Sorry is I sounds stuck on this stimulus plan, I have been watching the news since 6am, and heard lots of vague things about it}.

2. Modernizing federal buildings to make them use less utilities. I have done research into these sorts of things, winterizing, weatherproofing, etc etc. The thing is, it will cost a fair amout right now, but it will pay for itself. Take our house. Last winter right after Alice was born and we suddenly had people in the house all day long, and one was an infant and the other no longer the firey furnace known as pregnancy, we started using the heat more. Our first bill was a shocking $120. The worst part? It still felt cold in the house. All the time. In March when we were gonna bless Alice we got a new front door, thanks to Papaw's inability to do nothing. Thank goodness for plugging up holes. Over the summer we also did some additional work and we have had VERY reasonable heating bills so far. Like seriously about a third of last year's. And we don't feel like we are freezing constantly either! (OK we also got thermal curtains for most of the windows and that has helped too) So what I am saying, it may be a few hundred dollars up front, but we should recoup our losses by next winter. Trust me, that front door was a sad sad joke. We had like an inch gap open to the outside, and the inside was rotted most of the way thru. And hey, after we rip off the front of our house and replace it (I noticed mold growing behind the baseboard in the living room) that room will no longer be the coldest room in the house. We are not looking forward to that project.

3. Three bother me. Investing in computerizing all medical records. Its not the cost so much, as the ability for people to alter your medical records more easily. Its the potential of identity theft getting worse than it is. But hey, its jobs right?

Then he wants fancier computer labs in schools, broadband in the middle of nowhere america, and 'invest in science.' Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. I guess. I mean, sure other countries trump us in broadband speeds, but those countries are the size of one state.

I don't know, the economy is I hated economics.


disillusioned said...

With you there.

Mary P.

Danno said...

Lol when we talked this morning I thought you said 900 Trillion! If that were true I'm sure almost everybody would be sputtering and slack jawed. As for the medical records thing... true that. But you know it's not required for people to give out their SSN's anymore to medical people, they'll ask for it but you can refuse. DOB is far more important. Fun fact: At my job if we have someones SSN and they tell us to remove it from their record, we'll take it off their official file and add it as a comment. We're sneaky. >.>