Wednesday, December 10

Alice lost a hand

Well, technically a thumb.

You see. Its all because she likes cheese. She was snacking on cheese at lunch and I was using the cheese slicer to get her more. Then what the heck, she starts crying.

Blood. Blood. Blood. Bandage Blood. Crying crying crying.

Bleeding seems to slow some. Wash.

Bleeding continues.

For 15 MORE minutes. The calculated time was 22 minutes from the time I left Daniel a voicemail, to the time i called and told him he needed to be home to drive us to the doc's office.

Alice was a trooper.

2 stitches.

Consult the regular physician. Negate 2 stitches.

She was amazing in the doc office.

Welcome "dermabond" in other words super glue.

Wound washed again (3rd time). Wound bled again. Glue applied. All the cound stuff happened while Daniel ran home to get the diaper bag. We were done and leaving within an hour of showing up at the doc's office.

Alice now has one hand. The second is entirely encased in gauze. We bought a big bandage to wrap her hand in. Change bandage every 24 hours through the weekend. Call if it gets infected and you see pus. Yum.

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Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping.
You are too funny about your "one handed baby." Hope she is better!