Tuesday, December 9

I have no soul.

I am a murderer, and I have no soul.

Mouse sighting has been confirmed. I was going to the bathroom and I indicated that I had "seen the mouse" run from behind the pantry door into the dining room. Rebecca was enlisted. I circled around, we took some paneling boards that we had previously purchased and still had lying out and placed them at both exits perpendicular to the ground.

The search then commenced... Once I was able to get a mouse to move it scurried around so quickly and disappeared from view, then I immediately saw another one! What there are two? The search continued as things went from the floor to table level or outside the room. Finally the mouse came out again. Rebecca screamed. I screamed. Alice looked on with confusion. I reminded myself of Tom and Jerry and swung a broom. I clobbered it on the head. It twitched, it fell over. We got a cottage cheese container and sealed it inside. Who knows if it's dead... it will be thrown away with the trash tomorrow. You hear that mice? SHOW YOURSELF AND DIE!!! FOR I HAVE NO SOUL!!!


disillusioned said...

NICE SHOT!!!! You are now a very brave man in my book...cause I wouldn't be touching the mouse at all! Just the thought makes me shiver! And no, you're a life saver--not a murderer!

keighty said...


nannergirl said...

Yum. Cottage cheese.

Becca said...

Daniel didn't actually kill him. It was more like they got in a fist fight and the mouse got knocked out. Of course he then got delivered to the curb for trash pickup...so if he is alive he is far from here!