Tuesday, December 16

Snow Day! (sort of)

Der Morgen Schnee schwebt in Schweigen. Alle Welt ist in Weiß gekleidet.

Well, according to the weather people we are in what is considered 'moderate' snowfall. Its pretty. Daniel told me that he was gonna be late to work. No biggie really. He will just have to stay a little late to make up for that.

Best part of the morning? Frost on the windows. You see our home was built in 1981. The windows, while double paned, have metal frames. It makes for "oo pretty" frost on the metal frame. Its less pretty when you think frost =cold. But whatever. Since the frames are metal, they get freaking cold and water sits on them pretending they were white frames (they are black). I wonder if we get some Rustoleum and paint them if it will help them be more temperature proof. I can only guess that it will work. But painting and those things are things left for non-precitation / above zero days.

Today Alice and I will be holed up in the computer room with the space heater. That way we don't have to heat the rest of the house as much. I have it on 60 right now. But lets face it, lots of windows and doors plus that dang drafty fireplace make the rest of the downstairs feel cold, even if the heat is on 70.

We have yet to catch any more mice. We hope that means we are out of them. Might I say YAY!

While we could go to the store for groceries, but thanks to my hoarding ways, I mean providence, we should be fine even if we couldn't get to the store for a few weeks, maybe a few months. Our optimum selection of foods might decrease toward the end, but we would be fine.

I feel bad for all those with finals that have to not only leave thier houses, but take possibly daunting tests. I guess my baby is mad that she has a sealed bread bag and unpeeled bananas, so I should change her and feed her already. Its impressive how easy it become to ignore whining.

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nannergirl said...

It is a fetus because it is incredibly deformed and not properly crocheted. The only way I could think of to describe it's shape is "fetus."