Thursday, December 18

Trial Findings Day 1

We like to be guinea pigs for things. It has been discussed and decided. Last night Daniel went to Lawrence Freenet and bought a router thingy, and set up service. We set it up and immediately checked the connection speed. What the crap 300kbs? 200? Boo.

He sent in an email asking if service was that slow every night. I mean for real, having the slowest ATT DSL gave us faster speeds and it is cheaper. Of course upload speeds were also at 300 which is pretty fast I guess but we never upload. (Except for the fabulous torture pictures on my favorite blog of course) If anything we might watch some TV online. But, its hard to watch last week's episode of House when your internet won't load streaming video without lots of blips and pauses. I still don't know if Cuddy is going to get to adopt that girl's baby or not. I know she talked with her lawyer, then I saw 13 and Foreman making out. Yeah, that made no sense. What happened to 13 the lesbian? Did she just like boobs? Is this just a way to keep people watching? Are the producers makign sure 13 has no convictions at all? Is this just for the holiday season, afterall making out = joy right? Anyway, I digress.

We are giving the internet some more time to prove its worth. I mean when we woke up this morning it was running at between 950 and 1050 (me and Daniel both checked.) Thats much more acceptable. Its not that I insist on getting 7gigs or whatever the max is they advertise, but I do insist on getting some sort of quality. Last night's speeds were not what is considered wifi broadband by most of America...let alone internationally. We did research. Maybe the FCC deems it broadband, but that standard was set years ago. Things are supposed to be getting faster.

Oh, and I have tried downloading a couple of free scrapbooking things....I was sort of bummed out by the slowness. Like 50kb/sec and if I tried to have 2 running it split that between the two. Also worse than ATT. Grr. Give it a chance, give it a chance.

ALice tried to kill herself this morning. She was super excited to see cheerios. Only problem...she has had those little toddler puffs things alot lately. The cheese ones are addictive, and I am not even a toddler. SO she immediately shoved too many in, and I let her cause I am neglective/inattentive/glad to have her leave me alone. A few seconds later, cough cough, gag cough. She, thank goodness, learned her lesson and is eating them one at a time AND chewing. Yeah, for real now.

And I learned that the ward history is supposed to have signed release forms for all pictures. Jigga what? And to think, last year we sent in our ward newsletters that we were doing (covered in pictures). We also indicated years people were born, thats a no-no too. So I guess putting in new babies is not supposed to happen or something. And I thought about doing things all fancy and stuff, but pretty much they want an essay and all pictures in black and white with names written lightly in pencil on the back.

Huh. How did I not know this last year? I blame baby brain. Not that I can say if my baby was born last year or not. One can only guess. Anyway, I have to assign a couple more things to people to write about. Like random ysa stuff. I am sure not gonna write about ysa stuff. I have no interest in that at all. Plus they have stuff so often, its hard to remember anything in particular. Maybe institute musical. Ha. I wonder if we can include a copy of that for the history. It doesn't say its not allowed...and as long as its on a cd/dvd it can fit into a folder.

The conniving wheels are turning blogorama. I am off to connive at my pleasure!

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Danno said...

Updated from I received an e-mail from their customer support indicating that they "see that there is some slow service from the radio in (our) area" They've put a ticket in to look into the issue, but the tech is out until Monday. Then it MIGHT get fixed... I guess we'll wait and see.