Monday, December 8

Hangin with my Homie...sort of

Saturday night I was watching TV with Alice. It was maybe 9pm. Daniel was already in bed (he stayed up most of the night Friday working on homework). It was fine. Until I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

I assumed it was my imagination, but looked anyway. Then a scurry of a shadow later I was on my feet holding the baby and screaming bloody murder for Daniel. I heard him jumping out of bed noisily and coming down.

I explained, completely calmly (yeah right), that I happened to see a MOUSE ON THE COUCH NEXT TO ME AND THE BABY! He was like, are you sure? THEN, I saw the offender run around the corner from behind the couch to the computer room. I pointed, but Daniel was still in wake up shock and never saw the offender.

I had been planning on going to bed at 9, when the show I was watching was over. But, alas, adrenaline kicked in. The computer room got cleaned. Furniture got moved around. All things that were near the wall, but not against, were pushed against it. The room was vacuumed. Multiple times. The futon, the cumb covered Alice snack haven, was vacuumed. Shelved were pushed against the wall and VHS tapes that we haven't watched since i got married were boxed up and marked to giveaway. (Lets just say we haven't even got the VCR hooked up because we would have to unhook the DVD player, and that's annoying.

Well, whereever he, the offending mouse, ran to in this room it was well hidden. No sign or sound was heard from him since. Except last night. Or rather this morning.

I had the most fanciful dream. I was mouse chasing. It ran under the computer desk. There was some notebook or something that had fallen down and left a shadow for the mouse to hide in. I went after it with Lysol spray (Don't even ask) and then he jumped out for me. It was black instead of gray, and growled like it was a rat and attacked my head. I was too scared to even call to Daniel and when I finally did he didn't come. I opened my eyes and Alice was touching my arm. Funny that I was so freaked out. It wasn't like she was touching my head where the mouse/tiny rat attacked me. All because I sprayed it with lysol disinfectant. For real, that stuff won't kill you.

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Jarom Smith said...

I don't have mice, but I do have a packrat. Tell Lydia to clean her room.