Saturday, December 13

Curses and Drat

Blinging Bobaloo...

I'm supposed to be working on my homework and um... I was. Until the Magic jack really started to annoy me. Then I started to try to figure out how to stop having it pup up all the time. Answer is, I don't know.

I heard a noise that sounded almost for certain to be from this room. For the record I have been overly anxious about the possibility of this being true so my senses could be playing tricks on me. I poked around and saw nothing. Then I went back to my seat and stare briefly. Just as I was about to go back to work *gasps* I thought I saw a shadow dart across the space in front of the closet door. I saw it so poorly I don't even know where it went. I almost woke Rebecca but instead I tried to find it behind the bookcase with a broom and such... no luck. Then I checked the closet. No luck. Either my psychosis about mice is leading me to hallucinations (quite possible) or they're ridiculously sneaky (quite possible). I read online to try to find out how many you're likely to have and well nobody knows... But someone says they're like rabbits and if you have 2 you have like a billion. So well if this is number 2, where are his minions? Probably in the wall... Gross.
But supposedly if it's mice they can get into things you can stick a pencil into... so um... that's pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, whether it was imagined or real this will probably motivate me to make sure our traps are set up, possibly in the utility closet. And... also I need to do some basic handyman-ness.

Here's the list of things off the top of my head. Actually cut the carpet in the closet so that it can be put snuggly beneath the base boards... possibly patch the indentation in the concrete underneath there... who knows? Get a sander, sand out a spot for our stove so it can be where it's supposed to be. Remove and replace back door, so that we can install trim... Consider replacing dry wall. Probably replace washer in sink upstairs. Learn about roofing because we probably have a small leak that I'd rather not deal with right now... Figure out how to do stuff on our very slanty roof... Kill both the imaginary and the real mice. I don't care about live catching... it's not like killing every mouse in my house will extinct the species or that they're really all that nice having them around... probably. Though supposedly they do eat insects... Well, I could see moving on to operation if you're in the wall, you're going to die there. Anyway, I haven't heard anything for quite awhile. I should go back to work.

Edit: It's hard to concentrate... I now have a confirmed mouse sighting... that or I'm crazy. Who knows maybe it's even Rebecca's couch friend since it appears to be living in this room... part of what's so distracting.

I think that I have it trapped underneath our bookcase. I say that because I haven't seen it for awhile while I was stalking it that was the only place that really made much sense for it to have gone, unless it's actually like under my feet and I just didn't notice. This one appears to be smaller than the one I caned... smaller and friskier(more speedy). Anyway, Rebecca was talking about spending some money today. Maybe we'll blow like 60+ dollars on anti-mouse power. We might even go with killing traps and just not put them out until we're going to bed. Who knows... Anyway...

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Sam said...

I don't care what others may say, I still think you have no soul for killing the last mouse. (that was a funny post)