Friday, December 5

I am the god of the bathroom!

I fixed our upstairs bathroom sink yesterday.

It had dripped since we bought the place. Well, it started as a drip if you didn't have the handle off just so. Then it became a bigger drip that didn't care. Then I thought I got it off and we just used the hot side. But it wasn't really off. It kept dripping...slowly, but it was there. I noticed it dripped more when we ran the washer (prolly cause its upstream of the washer).

Anyway. We assumed it needed at least a washer. Perhaps even a replacement faucet. We also knew there were no stop valves under the sink and we would need to turn the water off and put in valves.

Both of those options were yucky options. At least until Daniel finishes the semester in a week. Man its almost over. Crazy/AWESOME!His first final is tomorrow morning.

Anyway, yesterday i was like...hmmmm I wonder if I tightened this screw under the pretty little C cap if that would do anything.

5 Seconds later

Wow. Its not dripping. I washed my hands. I even turned on the cold side while washing my hands. Then I started laundry.


I am the mastermind of home repairs! All you other Slim Shady's are just imitating. (OK sorry that was a throwback from high school...or very early college days.

But, yes I am amazing. You can all fall and worship me now.

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