Monday, December 15

Strange Sunday Insomnia!

So I have a pile of Christmas cards written and stamped. They just need addresses. Gar - Alice chewed some on yours. Daniel says you will like it cause its authentic that way.

Does anyone use Lawrence Freenet? Or have they used them in the past? Its slightly more than what we are paying for internet right now, but the bandwidth speed is higher. Plus its local, and I would rather help out the local company defying Sunflower Broadband than use the internet of a national monopoly...well I guess they aren't one anymore, but they were! Plus they never had people call us back like they told us they would. They raised our rates when they said they wouldn't and all in all...we only use them cause they are the cheapest option out there. Besides with Daniel's raise we can spend an extra $3 to help poorer families have free internet.

I started this post over 2 hours ago...then spent 2 hours doing some major research and writing my talk for next week. I think I really just felt like throwing myself into open ended scripture study. My topic? Christmas. Surprise right? Well, I have no cheesy stories, no thoughts about candy canes being like shepherds crooks, stars symbols of Bethlehem or gingerbread men being signs of future tummy yumminess. I only have hard scriptural quotes, and a couple of prophety quotes. I deny the warm fuzziness of popcorn garland and paper chains. I bring what I want to hear about with regards to Christmas. And if you wanted to hear the Luke went to the wrong ward people. (OK, technically Daniel is talking too, so who knows he may be talking about the Juke story, but I sort of doubt it. he didn't want the christmas theme. I wanted it, cause it was pretty much, talk about Christ and how zmog-azing He is. (Personal interpretation, but he is totally zmog-azing and you can't deny that.)

And we had a trap FINALLY catch a mouse. After us hunting and smashing mice...even the accidental smashing, its a great relief for a trap to work. It only took 6 weeks of having traps set.

Oh, and with assistance, I took our computer room completely apart, moved two large bookcases to different parts of the room, as well as the rest of the furniture. It looks good. Well, it looks ok since it hasn't been completely put back together. Daniel will be replacing a piece of trim for FHE or something. We have lots of practical FHE lessons. Like grocery shopping. Or, house repairs. Or, occasionally, movie night. cause movies teach you all about being a good person.

Alright. I know I have to get up in the morning since Alice has an appointment that I want to cancel (I do NOT drive in bad weather) plus I sort of wanted to finish making Daniel those mittens (first one was a deformed flop. and I only cut out modified pattern sewing yet.) And my leg is asleep, so the rest of me should be too.

Aren't laptops great? I wrote this whole thing while lying between two slumbering heaters. Yay for that. And Yay for Wi-fi too. So long awake journel.

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Joshua Montgomery said...

Lawrence Freenet works pretty well if you are in their coverage area.

Members get the best service if they use a modem.

You can check your coverage on the Lawrence Freenet website at: