Saturday, December 27

Giant Rat Cat...or something like that

So we were watching us some good old late night comedy stuff when we heard what I thought was a cat or some other outdoor woodland creature. Only when I went over toward the door and switched on the light the noise was coming from INSIDE the house.

Daniel and I both stood there, afraid of whatever this creature was. It sounded large. At least a couple of pounds. It sounded deadly. Daniel went up to look. I followed out of sheer dumb curiosity.

Why did I do that?

We got into the room...and there was nothing in the mouse trap. thank goodness! If that noise had come from something that was in a trap, oo doggy that is a big one!

The rustling moving noises continued from the closet.

Maybe I should run and get a broom. Maybe I should have shut the door behind me. Or leave. Leave would be a good choice.

Run endorphins. Run through my veins. Heighten my senses.

O great sigh of relief.

The noise that was so frightening was just the bifold glass closet door breaking. A little hand removal of the glass and the freakishly large rat/cat/mouse was detained.

We now have half of a mirror sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. And still the traps in the house are empty. I am reminded of the stray 'affectionately' named Rat. He was adopted by one or another of my siblings and was fed with the other pets on the porch. We called him rat because he was white, and hideous. The result of the power struggle between stray squatter cats and the cats who own the property. I don't know what happened to him. Or "Christmas." Yet another stray that was adopted. He was a Christmas can't say no to a pile of kids begging to keep a Christmas present, even if he has one and a half ears, funky lumps under his fur, and other random disease ridden things.

This has been reminiscing with Rebecca...Tune in next week for more!

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THumper will take care of it.