Wednesday, December 3

Trying to be a Failing world

So Alice's rash was gone by yesterday evening. I guess that means, tada Roseola. Or heat rash, or something. Either way, its gone now.

So our bread machine died a couple of weeks ago. It was a sudden thing. One day it worked just fine. The next day, it would mix the ingredients, but never switch over to "rise" or any other cycle. It was sad, but I am back to making bread by hand again. At least until we can find a break maker for as close to free as possible.

So last night I cooked our after Thanksgiving Turkey. This 13 lb beauty cost us $6 and had an extra butt inside. At least it looked like the place where tail feathers are attached. I also in a recreation of Thanksgiving made homemade mashed potatoes AND baked bread. We now have over 12 cups of sliced turkey in our fridge and freezer for sandwiches, etc.

Well this morning Daniel tried to make himself toast with my, naturally, fabulous bread. The toaster goes down, and the toaster pops up, but the toaster never gets warm. Jigga what? Is the kitchen a vortex of small appliance killing madness? Probably. I tried reseting the circuit. Didn't work. I dunno what to do about that one.

I also got out the screws to reattach the little rolly slider thingy that keeps the drawers from falling out. That was pretty easy. Then I reattached the cupboard doors. No prob. Then I thought...hmm I think the drawer that hits the oven because its not installed right, is the same size as the hole in the little floating cabinet. Cah-ching! So after some work, I get the thing out. I also stole a roller thingy from a bottom drawer that can live without it, and was gettign ready to take out the rest of the hardware when I realized I should measure the new hole cause that cabinet is shorter. Yeah it is. 5 inches less deep. So everything got put up. I can't even get the drawer back in with the hardware on (gayness!)

And I got a question to answer on ChaCha, so I ran off to ansewr that. Right when I start getting back to back questions Alice flips out. She was wet, and it was nap time, so I helped her out. Of course I will probably not get any more questions today...cause now I am at the bottom of the queue...or I will be if I can ever log in. Such is life.

Now if only the Dow Jones would go back up so my retirement investment would be less puny.

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nannergirl said...

What did you invest in?